Your home is not the only place where food is wasted, but also at work. In order to combat this, discuss with your colleagues, employees and employers about the ways in which you can combat food waste.

One of the ways to do this is to assign a Food Waste Champion for your office, this could be someone that wishes to take on the role fulltime or you can swap over each week to share the responsibilities.

The role of a Food Waste Champion is to encourage those in the office, or your working environment to make more sustainable choices when considering food. To do this the assigned Food Waste Champion must oversee sustainable food waste events and encourage their colleagues to think about how they are wasting food and to help them to take action against it.

There are a number of ways a Food Waste Champion can encourage the reduction of food waste in their office, including creating sustainable pledges for workers to stick to, have discussions about food waste in order to involve everyone in the conversations and being in charge of the upkeep of a compost bin.