Farmers around the world are facing new challenges due to the effects of climate change, including rising temperatures, extreme weather events and rising sea levels. A handful of these farmers have attended COP27 to voice their concerns in order to encourage solutions and adaptations to help protect their livelihoods.

Many of these farmers rely on their yields to feed their families, communities and to make enough money to live and have a decent quality of life.

Many of these farmers rely on
their yields to feed their families.

Their concerns stem from climate change that is effecting the ecosystems they farm in. They have begun to notice that there are a few positives to warmer temperatures, such as longer growing seasons, meaning new plants and crops can be grown for longer.

However, there are also many negatives, including new weeds and pests, new diseases, an increase in extreme weather events that are damaging yields, changes in precipitation which can cause prolonged periods of drought and floods, and rising sea levels that can cause farmland to disappear.

The farmers at the COP event are hoping that those attending will help them to find solutions to their challenges, with new technologies, strategies, policies and actions.