How much time will be committed to study?

Our ‘Vital’ courses are bite sized, micro-learning courses which are delivered once a week. Each course will take no longer than 15 minutes and is broken down into three sections.

In just 1 hour per month, you entire team can learn the fundamentals about climate change, sustainability and the environment.

For those wanting to commit more time to in-depth study, our ‘Veteran’ courses will allow them to explore subjects in greater detail.

Will we receive credentials for completing courses?

Every single member of staff will receive digital badges of recognition as they move through the learning pathway. Businesses will also receive annual membership badges to show their commitment to embedding sustainability throughout their company. Badges can be used in digital and print marketing and communications.

How will students be assessed?

Each course is followed by a number of quizzes and activities to evaluate learner understanding.

Is there help available through the courses?
We have experts on hand to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to with any course queries.
Is there a maximum number of students who can study from each organisation?

Education is essential in the fight against the climate crisis and we want to share the necessary knowledge to as many people as possible, in minimal time. Our courses are designed for everyone, in every  organisation and recommend upskilling every member of your workforce.

Is there a cost per student?

No, the academy works on a monthly subscription model with no additional cost per head. You pay the same rate to educate 100 people as you do 10,000.

How long is each subscription?

We offer a no obligation rolling monthly subscription service with no large upfront payments and no need for large financial sign offs. 
You can cancel at any time… but with content this good, we know you won’t. 😉

Are there any discounts available for charities and not-for-profit organisations?

Please get in touch, we’ll be happy to see how we can help.

I can’t find an answer to my question

If you have any further questions which haven’t been answered here, please email our team at or book a time for us to give you a call.