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In the UK, there are currently around 10 million electric vehicles on our roads, and 31,000 public chargepoints, not including those that are installed at an individual’s household. According to the UK Government, each month around 600 chargepoints are added to this figure, as more people opt for an electric car.

On average, electric cars release one third of the amount of greenhouse gases as a petrol or diesel car in their lifetime. Studies have shown that the lifetime of an electric car is the same as that of its petrol or diesel equivalent. In 2020, the UK produced 97.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from transport alone. For the UK to be in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal, Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, the UK must work toward increasing the air quality within its cities. One way of doing this is to remove petrol and diesel cars and other vehicles from its roads, by encouraging people to swap to electric.

In this Focus Week we will highlight why you should consider swapping to an electric vehicle alongside our partner, Green Car Guide, on our Guide to Electric Vehicles. We have information that will help you to understand the benefits of electric vehicles, which grant schemes are available and we will debunk the myths surrounding EV use.

Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey

About Chris Chris is best known for tackling a 10,000 mile adventure in his Nissan LEAF electric car in 2017 travelling from the UK to Southern Siberia. He has shared and inspired his engaging journey with the public while travelling through twenty countries including...

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