Vivienne Westwood

Founder, fashion designer and activist

Company description
Vivienne Westwood is an independent global fashion company, whose fashion is often thought provoking, as the company values itself on being more than just its clothes. Throughout her pieces Vivienne Westwood raises awareness for environmental and human rights issues. She is one of the world’s most influential designers and she has become one of the world’s leading activists.

Sustainable achievements

  • Vivienne Westwood has carried out numerous talks on climate change
  • Over the years, Vivienne Westwood has made sure that the clothes her company produces are becoming more sustainable, by using sustainable materials
  • She has made sure that her company uses sustainable packaging
  • Through her catwalk shows, she promotes her stance on climate change and environmental causes
  • She raises awareness on the environmental issues that surround overconsumption
  • Vivienne Westwood joined the Fashion SWITCH to Green campaign
  • In 2020, she partnered with Canopy, to combat deforestation
  • The United Nations and the World Trade Organisation collaborated with Vivienne Westwood to help those working for the company in Nairobi to increase their business ethically and to work in a way that has little environmental impact
  • She has campaigned and helped fund many environmental causes and organisations, including Environmental Justice Foundation, and Friends of the Earth