Demands from children and adolescents regarding climate change are on the increase as they are beginning to fear what the future holds for them.

A handful of these children have arrived at COP27 to voice their concerns, especially regarding topics such as deforestation, illegal mining, climate finance and how they are educated on climate change.

Their concerns are soon to be listened to as today (Thursday 10th November 2022), marks COP27’s Youth and Future Generations Day, where their voices and perspectives are at the heart of the discussions.

13-year old climate activist, Francisco Vera, from Columbia has asked for Governments to act now, and has warned that if they don’t they could “be remembered as the ones who allowed this crime against life to unfold.”

For the first time, COP has created a space, known as the Children and Youth Pavilion, for children to discuss climate change at the COP event. Seven children from around the world were invited to join the conference to discuss their views.

This has been seen as a positive step forward for many young activists around the world. 13-year old Sofia Mejia Cadavid, who has travelled from the Dominican Republic has claimed that this new Pavilion is a step forward as:

“Kids want space where we have the opportunity to be a part of campaigns and actions for climate change… We’re usually ignored… it’s also our home so we have the right to fight for it.”