COP28 was to be used as a cover up for new oil deals, reports claim.

According to leaked documents received by the not-for-profit investigative journalism organisation, Centre for Climate Reporting, who work alongside the BBC, the UAE had planned to use the COP28 event as an opportunity to pitch new oil and gas projects to the participating countries’ governments.

These discussions are thought to have been planned with 15 nations, all attending COP28. This has come as a shock to the UN, as the role of the COP host is to remain unbiased and to run the event in a way that will not create self interest.

The UAE has also refused to deny that they were planning on using the event for self interest purposes. Representatives for the UAE have claimed that:

 “private meetings are private”.

Although, the UAE should not be using COP28 as a period for negotiating business meetings, especially those that involve fossil fuels. Overall defeating the purpose of why so many countries are heading to the UAE for COP28. Which is to reduce emissions, lower the use of fossil fuels, and protect our planet.

The country, however, has refused to disclose what the topic of these business meetings are. They have claimed that they are not meetings to discuss fossil fuel projects, but that they are regarding “meaningful climate action”.

Leaked Documents

Worryingly, these leaked documents show that these meetings were not all set up to focus on climate action. The documents show that several meetings had been set up with 27 of the foreign governments that will be arriving for the start date of COP28. Within the notes for some of these meetings, there was background information on Adnoc, also known as Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, and its willingness to back new fossil fuel projects in Columbia, Mozambique, Canada, and Australia.

Further information within these documents goes on to state that the UAE is also ready to help both the German and Egyptian Governments develop their projects surrounding fossil fuels.

COP28 - oil and gas deals

 Adnoc had several talking points that they suggested should be discussed. The company claimed that “We stand ready to continue our LNG supplies” to Germany. The company was also expected to have set up a meeting with Brazil’s Environment Minister in order to get help in securing a bid for Braskem, the largest processing company of oil and gas in Latin America.

There was also a meeting set up under Adnoc’s suggestion to inform both Saudi Arabia and Venezuela that the work they were doing towards fossil fuel projects was in line with sustainable development. The leaked note stated the company claims that:

“there is no conflict between the sustainable development of
any country’s natural resources and its commitment to climate change”


Renewable Energy

The leaked documents also show that there are meetings set up to discuss renewable energy, including discussions surrounding Masdar, which is the United Arab Emirates state-owned renewable energy company.

Discussions surrounding this company are set to be with 20 of the attending countries’ governments including Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Kenya, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the United States.

These meetings have been put together for the attending countries to discuss potential commercial opportunities with Masdar to increase its standing in the renewable energy sector.

President of COP28, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, claims that these allegations towards fossil fuel deals are false, he states:

“These allegations are false, not true, incorrect, and not accurate.
It’s an attempt to undermine the work of the COP28 president.”


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