At COP28, the Gender-Responsive Just Transitions & Climate Action
Partnership was launched.

Global Conference on Gender and Environmental Data

Before COP28, the Global Conference on Gender and Environmental Data carried out by the United Nations resulted in an immediate call to action with 5 main areas that needed improvement. These were:

  1. Promote and prioritise the production of gender and environmental data both ethically and transparently
  2. Accelerate both use and uptake of gender and environmental data in order to improve decision making, programme development, monitoring, research, and advocacy
  3. Increase the funds and investments in the production and use of gender and environmental data
  4. Ensure inclusivity in regards to national, regional and global data and statistical governance processes
  5. Ensure the building and strengthening of multi-stakeholder partnerships for gender and environmental data

COP28: Gender Equality Day

On the Gender Equality Day of COP28, the events presidency announced the launch of a new partnership to support women and girls, in regards to their livelihoods and to empower them economically.

The new partnership, titled the Gender-Responsive Just Transitions & Climate Action Partnership, has been endorsed by 68 countries around the world, including the UK. The partnership has been put into place as researchers have predicted that by 2050, 158 million more women and girls could be pushed below the poverty line. This is roughly 16 million more people than the total amount of men and boys that are classed as living in poverty.

1.2 billion jobs are expected to be affected by climate change and global warming, 40% of the world’s labour force. Research carried out by the International Labor Organization (ILO) has shown that the majority of this workforce are women, this is because many women fall into work sectors that are at the highest risk from climate change.

The partnership will focus on three key areas, these are:

  1. Improve the quality of data to increase the rate of a successful transition
  2. Improve the flows of finance to reach those that are affected by climate change the most
  3. Support individual engagement through increased access to education and skills.

The aim of the partnership is to address the gender gap and to understand why women and girls are more at risk from the negative impacts of climate change. It is important to note that this new partnership is a progression on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Gender Action Plan to increase the success of its objectives.

These objectives include plans to increase the success of commitments regarding finance, data, and equal opportunities regardless of gender.

President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, also known as the IUCN, Razan Al Mubarak stated that:

“Climate change is not gender neutral – it disproportionately impacts women
and girls. Already, the climate crisis amplifies existing gender inequalities and poses
a serious threat to women’s livelihoods, health, and wellbeing.

To deliver a just transition, we must reform the architecture of the global financial
system and ensure finance flows to the regions and the people who need it the most.
But we must also invest in women’s economic empowerment to ensure no one
is left behind.”

Sima Sami Bahous, the Executive Director of the UN Women, stated that:

“The rights of women and girls must be at the centre of climate action, including
here at COP28. We must ensure that women have a seat at the decision-making table.
We must strengthen inclusive decision-making so that the voices of feminists, youth, indigenous and other grassroot movements can be heard loud and clear from the local
to the global level.”

The countries that signed and endorsed the partnership at COP28 have agreed to certain conditions, and they will reconvene at COP31 to discuss their progress.

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