One of the objectives of the COP27 Presidency is for our Youth and Future Generations to be heard. The stand-alone day has been granted due to the priorities and concerns that have been raised by youth representatives. This day means that their voices and perspectives will be taken on board when discussing climate action.

The day will allow Youth to share their success stories and outline the challenges, discussions will also include policy-makers, practitioners, High-level Champions and non-party stakeholders.

Several events will also occur, the schedule is as follows:

1. Opening Ceremony of the Thematic Day and the Youth-led Climate Forum

High-level policymakers and young representatives of the Conference of Youth (COY17) will be brought together to present the Global Youth Statement.

2. Passing the Baton: Intergenerational Policy Dialogue on Adaptation, Resilience and Loss and Damage

The participation from youth is important to accelerate adaptation to climate change. This session will discuss policy recommendations for adaptation, loss and damage, resilience, finance, and support.

3. Passing the Baton: Intergenerational Policy Dialogue on Mitigation Solutions and just transition

Youth leadership must be included as natural partners, when concerning commitments to the Paris Agreement temperature goal and keeping the 1.5 degrees. The dialogue aims to cultivate practical solutions and policy actions for the mitigation agenda to create inclusivity.

4. At the Frontline: Children and Adolescent-led Action for Climate Change

Climate change is affecting the future of our younger generations, due to extreme weather events, toxic chemicals, changes in temperature and eco-anxiety. The session wishes to discuss the challenges and efforts by youth climate activism.

5. Young Africa: The Vehicle of Climate Action: Stories from Egypt and the rest of the continent

African youth experts, entrepreneurs and solution makers will present their climate action activities and initiatives for adaptation and mitigation. The session will also provide presentations from Egyptian climate leaders.

6. Special Event by YOUNGO, Children and Youth Constituency to UNFCCC

A special session led by the official youth constituency of the UNFCCC (YOUNGO).

7. Closing, Press Conference

Key deliberations and takeaways will be discussed in a press conference.