Nespresso Professional, the B2B arm of the coffee company, has recently carried out a poll that concluded that 84% of the 1,000 British hospitality businesses polled have taken action to make their businesses more sustainable. This sustainable action has mostly been taken due to COP26, which occurred in Glasgow at the end of 2021, with many admitting that this was the accelerator for their sustainable changes.

72% of those in the poll have claimed that since 2021 they have made sustainability within their business more of a priority. Businesses have become more sustainable by increasing the amount they recycle, as well as sourcing more sustainable materials and ingredients for their products. 27% of businesses within the poll have claimed that they are planning on executing a sustainable strategy throughout their business.

Many businesses have claimed that becoming sustainable has been difficult for them due to rising costs, and 12% of the businesses polled stated that they had to prioritise other areas over sustainability within their business because of this. 72%, however, of all those polled have stated that they plan to become more environmentally sustainable within the year. This is an increase from the 67% that prioritised an increase in sustainability last year.

Nespresso Professional’s OOH Director, Beth Langley, has stated that, “It is really encouraging to see the continual uptake and engagement with sustainability initiatives across the hospitality industry, and while it’s clear that businesses are facing considerable challenges, leaders within the sector are determined to do the right thing.”

…13% had already achieved
a B Corp certification…

Out of the 1,000 businesses polled 13% had already achieved a B Corp certification, meaning they have reached the high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, needed to be verified. There is the promise of further sustainability within the hospitality and leisure sectors, as 58% have claimed that they wish to receive this achievement in the future.