Climate change impacts on water are well-documented, and there are clear connections to the impacts on development and livelihoods. Throughout the day issues such as water scarcity, drought, improving early warning systems and making water sustainable will be discussed.

Several events will also occur, the schedule is as follows:

1. AWARE (Action for Water Adaptation and Resilience) initiative official launch

The AWARE initiative will be launched in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The initiative hopes to put adaptive water management systems at the centre of the climate change adaptation agenda.

2. Early Warnings & Early Adaptation Actions for Water Sector

Topics for this session include: How to advance implementation on the UN Secretary-General Global Early Warning Initiative, Water Scarcity and drought adaptation actions, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the water sector, Flash Flood Protection and Rainfall Harvesting.

3. Earth Observations System for Monitoring and Managing River Basin Systems

Using data sources, geospatial intelligence and computable power the session hopes to discuss how to create dynamic, scalable, operational and adaptable an earth observation solution system.

4. Water Security and Sustainable Development

There will be 5 panel discussions covering Water efficiency, Desalination, Drainage water recycling, Digitalisation of Water management systems.

5. Climate Adaptation for Water Sector in Africa

Stories, where adapted water systems have been successful will be showcased. The session will discuss how to build on these accomplishments and increase their resilience through Public Private partnerships, sustainable financing, and communities’ engagement.

6. Impacts & Solutions for Sea Level Rise

The latest scientific knowledge will be presented regarding rising sea levels. Solutions and adaptions will also be discussed that will protect landscapes and inhabitants. Natural based solutions and hard structures are needed, as well as a way to attract investment and climate finance.

7. Inputs to UN Midterm Comprehensive Review of the Water Action Decade

Leaders of Water Conferences will carry out presentations to recap the messages, outcomes and announcements of the day.