There are numerous solutions for the challenges caused by climate change, including the holistic, cross cutting solutions to the sectoral solutions. There are also more specific solutions that come from the private sector and start-ups.

The aim within the next critical decade is to reduce climate changes’ impacts and to consider the roles cities will have. Such as through sustainability, green buildings, and resilient infrastructure, as well as pledges and agreements.

Opportunities and success stories will also be discussed regarding sustainable transport as it has a direct impact on pollution, quality of life, emissions, and efficiency.

Businesses, innovators, and government and financial representatives will come together on Solutions Day to discuss their experiences, ideas and best practices to spread awareness and build alliances for collaboration.

Several events will also occur, the schedule is as follows:

1. High level opening remarks

Best practices, lessons learnt and the link between innovative solutions and efforts will be shared. Partners and relevant stakeholders will be able to network in a diverse set of functions.

2. Friends of greening national budgets/Investment Plans of African and developing countries

The initiative plans to provide climate solutions through the planning and designing of economic policies that factors the impact of climate change, the efforts made in mitigation and adaptation, and the gaps in support.

3. Green Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs that have successfully delivered low-emission or climate resilient solutions within Egypt and Africa will share their stories. Policies to support climate entrepreneurs, reduce system barriers, increase capacity and reduce finance gaps will be discussed.

4. Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility

Technologies that will help increase low-carbon, affordable and healthy transport solutions will be presented.

5. Climate Solutions by Private Sector

The private sector will show its commitments to deliver climate change solutions for developing and emerging countries. The challenges and opportunities will be discussed.

6. Housing and Urban Ministerial on Cities and Climate Change "The Road from COP27 to WUF12"

The SURGe initiative will be launched during this session, and there will be a panel discussion on climate change and urbanisation

7. 1000+ Clean & Efficient Solutions to COP27

1,000 efficient solutions were pledged to replace outdated and inefficient systems. The session wants to show that clean and profitable solutions exist.

8. Reinventing Waste Solutions for better future

The 50 by 2050 initiative for waste management in Africa will be launched. Within the session Youth will be able put forward their ideas forward for solutions and projects.