The role of women within the fight against climate change is crucial and indispensable. Women also are disproportionally affected by climate change, even though this gap is shortening there is room for improvement. To do this, policies, actions and strategies need to be formulated.

Gender Day will bring this issue to the forefront so challenges and success stories can be discussed, to increase awareness, share experiences and promote policies, strategies and actions.

Several events will also occur, the schedule is as follows:

1. Headline Event: Women's Agency in Climate Dialogues & Implementation, Win Win For all

Women at all levels (global, regional, county, and local) will discuss matters that concern gender within the climate agenda.

2. High-Level Panel: Voice of Women Leaders in Climate Debates, Policies, Implementation & Beyond

This session will allow environment and women representatives from COP27’s member states to share their experiences, lessons and best practices with each other. Member states will also be able to make pledges to include more women within the climate agenda.

3. Women and Climate Change Finance

This session will look at applying women’s different perspectives into climate finance policies, as well as how this finance can empower women to carry out gender-sensitive climate action.

4. African Women Climate Change Realities: Adaptation, Mitigation & Response

This session will focus on the experiences and realities African women have faced due to climate change and the policies. It will also focus on how to create a decent life for women and to increase their protection from the impacts of climate change.

5. Covid-19 & Climate Change: Women at The Center of Planning & Response

In many areas around the world, women have been affected significantly by COVID-19, which increases the risk they already face from climate change. This session will focus on how to plan policies around this.

6. Women Livelihood Within Just Transition

This session will discuss opportunities for women within communities that will help them to transition and gain support when facing the impacts of climate change.

7. Closure of The Gender Day & Press Conference

A press conference will be held to showcase the day’s recommendations.