All aspects of energy will be discussed on Energy Day, including renewable energy and energy transformation. The transition within the energy sector, energy efficiency, green hydrogen, and a global just transition will be the main priorities.

Energy ecosystems could evolve with renewable energy, smart grids, energy efficiency and energy storage. Discussions throughout the day will discuss all of these elements, as well as the challenges and opportunities.

Several events will also occur, the schedule is as follows:

1. High level opening remarks

Energy Day will begin with high-level officials and energy transition champions setting the themes for the day.

2. For a Just and Affordable Energy Transition in Africa

The initiative will be launched during this session which will encourage a new pathway for a just and affordable energy transition in Africa. To solve the trilemma, and to discuss the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

3. Delivering Clean Energy at a Time of Global Crisis – Energy Security and Climate Change

In order to transition away from fossil fuels and to reduce the impacts of the energy crisis, Ministers of Energy, leaders of Development Financial Institutions and energy security experts will discuss strategies to improve energy security.

4. Towards New Energy Systems and Technologies

The importance of innovation and technology that will enable transition to low-carbon energy systems will be discussed. The focus will be on solutions such as battery storage, smart grids, and other technologies.

5. Green Hydrogen – Policies: Catalyser for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

This session will discuss the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and green hydrogen. An increase in jobs, economic value and reducing emissions can occur if green hydrogen is developed, especially in areas such as aviation, heavy industry, road transportation and shipping. Solutions will be discussed between technology experts, policy experts, economists, and financial leaders.

6. Towards a Green Hydrogen Economy

During this session, the potential for developing countries, including those in Africa, regarding becoming major green hydrogen producers will be discussed. Both opportunities and the finance needed will be discussed.

7. Financing the Clean Energy Transition

Representatives of governmental agencies, DFls, commercial banks and philanthropies, will come together to discuss how they can increase clean energy finance.

8. Role of National Policies and its relation to Global Policies

The role of national policies and its relation to global policies will be discussed.