Throughout the day, nature, ecosystem-based solutions, climate changes impacts on biodiversity, global action to prevent biodiversity loss, and reducing pollution will all be discussed.

The impacts of climate change on our oceans, endangered species, coral reefs and protected areas, plastic waste in aquatic ecosystems, and mitigation and adaptation solutions will also be discussed.

Several events will also occur, the schedule is as follows:

1. High level opening: Connecting Climate and Biodiversity

This session will give an overview. Topics will include the interdependence of biodiversity and climate change, the urgent need for integrated responses at scale, and the international policy landscape that commits, encourages, and enables coherent and urgent institutional action to address the climate and biodiversity crises.

2. Present: The biodiversity and Climate Change Nexus

The latest scientific knowledge that outlines the relationship between climate change and biodiversity will be presented.

3. Hope: Providing Solutions and Benefits for Biodiversity, climate, and people

Successful approaches to managing biodiversity will be presented, such as through conservation, land restoration, combating desertification and sustainable use.

4. Vision: scaling up Urgent Action to Address the Biodiversity and Climate crises

The urgency of actions needed to be taken by policy makers, institutions, and all stakeholders will be highlighted. The actions needed will be for securing biodiversity, creating a stable climate, and increasing sustainable development. There will be an update on the Glasgow Leader’s Declaration on Forests and Land Use.

5. Closing session

This session will reflect on future implications and further negotiations.