Due to rising temperatures caused by climate change, over 1,000 tree species including chestnuts, elms, maples, oaks, pines, and poplars that grow in our cities are at increased risk of having their survival threatened.

Higher temperatures mean that for longer periods of time there is no rainfall, which causes prolonged periods drought. These droughts are having a significant effect on the health of our urban trees, as they cannot take in enough water to remain in a healthy state.

Researchers carried out a study of the trees within five UK cities, which included Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, London and York, using the Global Urban Tree Inventory to check the health of their trees.

The researchers concluded that the trees were all at risk from climate change, however those in Birmingham, London and York were the most at risk.

Birmingham, London and York
were the most at risk

Scientists have warned that this threat to our urban trees to have a huge effect on our cities as they act as a shade to keep our cities cool, and they also regulate the air through absorbing CO2.