About Chris

Chris is best known for tackling a 10,000 mile adventure in his Nissan LEAF electric car in 2017 travelling from the UK to Southern Siberia. He has shared and inspired his engaging journey with the public while travelling through twenty countries including Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. This adventure lead to global media attention and was covered by leading media outlets such as CNN International, Sky News and BBC’s Top Gear to name a few.

Chris is widely regarded as being the pioneer of overland and endurance all-electric vehicle adventures. Just like all of his previous projects, he will be leading and be responsible for all the planning, project management and execution of his next ultimate electric vehicle project, Pole to Pole.

Sustainable achievements

  • Chris founded Plug In Adventures (PIA) due to his combined passion for adventure and electric vehicles. Its aim was to engage with the public in unique and different ways, championing everything electric vehicle related.
  • Through Plug In Adventures, Chris has been on several adventures including:
    • Achieving a Guinness World Record for travelling the greatest distance on an electric bike in 12 hours.
    • Travelling to John O’Groats to Land’s End, and back, in an all-electric vehicle.
    • Travelling to Edinburgh to London and back, via Monte Carlo, in an electric vehicle in 60 hours.
    • Driving the Mongol Rally which covers 10,000 miles in 2017, in an electric vehicle.
  • Chris’ new adventure, the Pole to Pole Electric Vehicle Expedition, which he is carrying out with his wife, Julie, will begin in late 2022. The husband-and-wife team will travel from the north pole to the south pole, through 14 countries in an electric vehicle.
  • Works as an advisor to companies looking to start their own sustainable projects.
  • Chris is an inspiring public speaker who encourages people to make the swap to EVs.
  • In 2016, he became an Electric Vehicle Champion.