Who are they?
WRAP, is a climate action, non-governmental organisation that works globally in over 40 countries. The NGO works towards tackling climate change to help the world to have a sustainable future.

Part of this work was to introduce the international climate action charity, Love Food Hate Waste in 2007. The charity and the NGO have been spreading the message about how we waste food within our homes and how to reduce the amount of good food we throw away.

The charity is constantly looking for new ways to tackle food waste, especially now there is an increasing number of people going without enough food due to the cost-of-living crisis. The charity carries out research and tests any new ideas to bring you hacks and tips for reducing your food waste.

Who they work with?
WRAP and Love Food Hate Waste work with supermarkets and companies within the food supply chain, to teach them how to be smarter with how to package and sell their food more sustainably. They also give guidance on how those who produce food should label their products, to make it easier for customers to understand.

They also work with partners that are working towards improving techniques and technologies to make food production more sustainable.

International work
As the Love Food Hate Waste campaign has been successful here in the UK. The Charity, alongside WRAP, is now spreading the food waste message globally, to support other countries food waste prevention policies.

Through this they are helping to prevent and reduce the amount of food waste produced by households across the world.