If you are wanting to move your money away from institutions that fund fossil fuels, Switch It Green, a UK not-for-profit organisation can help you to do this easily.

Those at Switch It Green after realising that moving your money is the best way to reduce the amount of fossil fuel projects being funded, began to dedicate their resources in order to expose the banks, energy providers and pension providers that invest in projects that are destroying our planet and affecting our climate.

They believe that it is important, now more than ever, to move our money away from these institutions as they are leading us to a climate crisis.

To help you to make the changes needed, they are empowering everyone to switch to providers that are both cleaner and greener. They have already helped to move $180 million away from the investment into fossil fuels, and this figure continues to rise.

To help make a big impact, Switch It Green have designated Switch Days, where those that wish to swap to a more sustainable institution can do so all on the same day. Coupled with a note to your bank, energy provider or pension provider telling them why you are leaving, everyone swapping at the same time can make a huge impact.