About Oxfam

Oxfam, founded in 1942, is a British registered charity, that raises money to help reduce inequality, injustice and poverty. The charity believe that everyone has the right to thrive in this world.

Since they have been established, the charity has been involved with providing relief for those that need it the most, such as where a natural disaster or conflict has occurred. The charity now helps those around the world to become resilient to the effects of climate change in order to live sustainably.

Second Hand September

Oxfam are encouraging people to become more sustainable by questioning their shopping habits. The aim of their Second Hand September campaign, is to encourage people to buy second hand for the whole of September. They state that due to the effects of climate change, buying second hand is much more sustainable and since the campaign began in 2019, they have managed to help encourage thousands of people to be more sustainable.

Helping to fight hunger

Oxfam raises money for those around the world that are facing hunger. The charity has warned that as the effects of climate change increases, so does hunger around the world. As climate change increases the risk of extreme weather events, including floods, droughts and wildfires, it is becoming increasingly difficult for farmers to grow crops and rear animals.

Oxfam are currently raising money to help small scale farmers to grow enough food to eat and sell to sustain their livelihoods. To do this the charity is investing the money they raise towards helping these farmers to become more resilient towards the effects of climate change.

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