What is Olio?
Olio is a sharing app, that allows you to share your unwanted, but still edible food items, as well as usable household items. Not only is the app for individuals and families that want to share their unwanted food, but local companies can get involved too, in order to lower their food waste.

Why was Olio established?
Olio was created by its founders Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One, after Tessa realised how much food was going to become waste when she moved house. She wanted to share the food with her neighbours but didn’t know how to go about it. Through this, Olio was born to prevent others from being in the same predicament. 

Where to find the app?
The app can be found and downloaded from the
App Store
or on Google Play.

You can also log in on Olio’s website: web.olioex.com/login.

How to use the app?
The Olio app is really simple to set up and use. We have put together a short guide to help you sign up, share food and even request items you need: How to use the Olio app!

How has Olio helped people to be more sustainable?
Olio is now operating in 62 countries worldwide, with 6,310,450 users, and counting, signing up to share their unwanted food and household items. Olio have helped to prevent food from reaching landfill, with 65,312,492 portions of food being shared and not thrown away.

Through helping people to share food they have encouraged them to lower their own carbon footprints. In regards to emissions, the food shared through the app has prevented the release of greenhouse gases that would have equated to the emissions caused by 191,782,035 car miles.

We are also proud to announce that Olio, our partner, have worked in collaboration with us to create our Guide to Reducing Food Waste. Olio have worked with us to give you tips on how to reduce the amount of food you waste.