What is the Buyback Scheme?

Ikea’s Buyback Scheme allows you to return your used and unwanted furniture in order to allow it to be sold again. In return for you bringing in your items you will receive an Ikea refund card, which you can use to buy a new product or something that is being resold.

How do you use the Buyback Scheme?

You can get a quote using Ikea’s Buyback estimator tool. You must however make sure that you have bought the furniture from Ikea, that it is clean and assembled with all the parts needed, and that it is in a condition suitable for the item to be sold again.

What happens to the items you bring back?

The items you return, if in a good condition will be resold either in store, in their Buyback area, or online. The items will be sold at an affordable price and the furniture will be given a second lease of life if sold.

Why is this scheme sustainable?

This scheme removes the need to produce a new product from raw materials, and it prevents a perfectly usable piece of furniture from becoming waste. This removes the emissions that would be created if a new product was manufactured and from the carbon it would release as it broke down on a landfill site.

The scheme creates a circular economy between the company, Ikea, and the consumer, as products are being reused, instead of becoming waste.

The scheme also encourages sustainable shopping as shoppers will find that they can purchase a product for a cheaper price if it is second hand. The furniture sold will also be in a good condition meaning they are safe in the knowledge that the furniture is of good quality and that they are doing their part in saving the planet and preventing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.