About Good with Money

Good with Money was set up to help people to understand whether their money lender is kind to the environment. They wanted people to realise that understanding money is not only about the profit and financial benefits you can receive, but also that it can be used to do good for the planet.

Why they believe you should be Good with Money?

They believe that there is too much information that tells you how to make and save money, but there isn’t enough out there that tells you how to be proud of the money you make and save.

Good with Money wants to inform people about where their money is going, such as into activities they don’t support like fossil fuels and arms production. Therefore, they have put together information to help you to stop this from happening.

Get Involved

Whether you are a business or an individual looking to make a positive impact with the money you make and save, Good with Money can help you.

See their website for more information: good-with-money.com/about-us/be-a-star-get-involved-with-good-with-money