Who are FareShare?
Established in 1994, FareShare is a UK charity that redistributes food to those that need it the most. Their reasoning for all this good work is to reduce the amount of edible food that is wasted, and to redistribute it to those that need it the most. Including those that are part of breakfast clubs and lunch clubs for older people.

What do they do?
The charity redistributes edible food to those that need it the most to prevent it from becoming waste. They have redistributed 53,894 tonnes of food, which is equal to 5.7 tonnes of food going to each charity every year. Therefore, the charity has donated 130 million meals and counting have been given to those that need a decent meal.

How does FareShare work?
FareShare works by taking any surplus food from a business and redistributing it to others, through a number of channels. The charity gives out edible food to other charities, organisations and communities that will distribute the food to others, such as through food banks, schools and community clubs.

If you would like your organisation to get involved in the redistribution of food, FareShare can supply the food for you. If you don’t know if you meet safety standards, FareShare can help you, as you must have certain requirements in place to handle food.

You can also become a FareShare Community Food Member meaning you will receive surplus food before it has reached the supermarket. Becoming a member means you will regularly receive a supply of food.

How they are sustainable?
The charity prides itself on its sustainable action towards preventing food waste. Fareshare’s work to redistribute 53,894 tonnes of edible food has meant that 75,371 tonnes of CO2e emissions, that would have been emitted if the food had become waste, was prevented.