Due to the heavy industry that occurs within South Wales, the region has become the second largest greenhouse gas emitter within the UK. Due to this, a number of large organisations within the region are working towards reaching net zero by 2040, and lower the emissions released in Wales by 40%.

Over the past two years, a £40 million project has occurred between these major organisations to produce a plan to help lower emissions and reach net zero. The new plan is worth £30 billion, and the regions’, South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC) has claimed that this plan will only work with the necessary investment, but with this investment it will allow organisations to reach net zero and will save up to 100,000 jobs.

SWIC, made up of organisations such as universities, local authorities, oil refineries, chemical plants and steelworks, has issued recommendations that includes the power grid needing to become green, increasing sustainable infrastructure, including those that accommodates carbon capture and storage, and increasing competitive energy prices.

There are also organisations that claim that if successful, this plan may also help to decarbonise other organisations, as well as decarbonising homes. Consultancy firm, CR Plus’s Senior Energy Consultant, Flora Davies, has stated that:

“By decarbonising industry in the UK, it unlocks
lots of opportunities for other organisations
and homes to decarbonise as well
by setting up the infrastructure”.