The UK Government has debated on whether to lift the ban for onshore windfarms as long as the local community agrees in favour for it to be installed. The communities that do show support for these wind farms will receive benefits, including lower energy bills.

Communities that do show support will
receive benefits, including lower energy bills.

The ban was put in place by former Prime Minister, David Cameron, who excluded onshore wind farms from the UK Government’s subsidies for green energy. Rishi Sunak, who became Prime Minister in October (2022), has previously stated that he was going to stand by the ban.

The U-turn comes after there has been an increase in pressure to lift the ban from the Tory backbenches. An amendment has already been signed on the Levelling Up Bill by 35 MPs, who call for the ban to be lifted to allow new onshore wind projects to be carried out within England. The topic is set to be discussed later this month (December 2022), where a decision should be reached.

Those for the lifting of the ban believe that wind energy is one of the best ways to secure the UK’s position when concerning energy, especially due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.