Global business, Amazon, has claimed that it is going to invest €1 billion into its fleets in Europe in order to swap their vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). They have announced that £300 million of this investment will be used to electrify their fleets in the UK.

£300 million will be used to
electrify their UK fleets

Currently, Amazon already has hundreds of electric vehicles within their fleets, that are used within their warehouses and also used for deliveries. The company are hoping that with this investment they can increase this number significantly. To lower their carbon footprint and create more sustainability within their business.

The company are now looking to increase the number of electric vans within their fleets in Europe, which includes the UK. In Europe alone, Amazon have stated that there are currently 3,000 electric vans being used, and in the next few years they hope to triple this figure.

In the UK the company are planning to roll out a new scheme that involves micromobility EVs, including e-cargo bikes and encouraging more deliveries on foot. To do this they have invested and introduced new delivery stations which have a last mile delivery option. This means that for the last mile of your delivery there will be no emissions created as it will be delivered on foot or by e-cargo bike.

This investment has also gone into the introducing of electric heavy goods vehicles (eHGVs) for the movement of stock and deliveries. By the end of this year (2022), the company’s network in Germany should receive 20 eHGVs.