A £9 million cash boost has been granted to build a footbridge across a dual carriageway in West Yorkshire, through the UK Government’s City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement.

The bridge is to be built in order to create a sustainable and safer alternative to travelling in a vehicle between Steeton and Silsden. The two areas are within a short distance from each other; however, the dual carriageway has meant that it is easier to drive when travelling between the two areas.

There are hopes that this footbridge will encourage people to travel on foot or cycle when travelling between the two destinations. This will lower the number of cars making these journeys between the town and village and it will lower the emissions caused by the vehicles.

…this footbridge will encourage
people to travel on foot or cycle…

The footbridge is also predicted to increase and improve links to Airedale Hospital, Steeton’s Millennium Business Park, Leeds Liverpool Canal towpath, and the National Cycle Network Route.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, who is the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, has stated that they “are delighted to have secured funding for this important project which will make significant improvements to Steeton and Silsden”.

The footbridge has the opportunity to increase the sustainability of these areas and work is scheduled to begin in 2025.