The UK Government has recently carried out a Home Decarbonisation Skills Training competition, that had put aside £9.2 million for training courses. This scheme will see 8,900 training courses for the energy, building and heating sectors that will help to upskill workers to increase energy and heating efficiency in order to become clean.

The winners of the competition have now been selected and will receive the free or subsidised courses for their workforce to become greener. The training is a continuation of the scheme that ran in 2021, and this year’s courses will run until the end of March 2023.

This year’s competition has shown an increase in opportunities when compared to last year. The spending on these courses has risen by £3.2 million and roughly 2,000 more opportunities have been offered.

The UK’s Business and Energy Minister, Lord Callanan has claimed that the scheme will help to improve the UK by making homes greener, he has said that:

“The green energy sector is driving growth and creating jobs right across the country, and this funding will make sure we have enough tradespeople trained up and able to take advantage of these opportunities.

We are making homes greener and cheaper to keep warm and training thousands more skilled installers will ensure we keep accelerating the pace of creating cleaner and more energy efficient buildings.”