According to the Global Carbon Project, the use of fossil fuels is increasing instead of decreasing. The project has now issued a statement claiming that this year will see a new record high for fossil fuel use. Throughout this year, it is predicted that we will emit 40.6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, which is a 1% increase to last year’s emissions figure.

This year will see a new record
high for fossil fuel use.

In regards to our worldwide target of preventing global warming from restricting the heating of the planet, so we do not go over an 1.5ᴼC increase. With the figures we are seeing now, if we do not make significant changes, we will only have a 50% chance of preventing this increase by 2030.

Countries around the world have shown that their emissions have risen instead of declined. The US’s emissions have risen by 1.5% and India has the highest rise of 6%. This is due to an increase in coal and oil use, instead of an increase in the use of renewable energy sources.

China, this year, however, has seen a 1% decline in their emissions. Overall, figures are “bleak” and “deeply depressing”, as they are not showing the decline the planet needs in order to prevent further global warming.

COP27, has begun to hold talks on how to increase the reduction in emissions, however, the task proves difficult as the countries involved have been in disagreements over how much input money developed countries should be contributing to as climate finance.